Heliodons & Lights

Lighting highlights the objects, just like in the real world. From the low-key lighting of dawn to the glare of midday, from the solitude of a crypt to the backlighting of a bay, Artlantis has all of the light sources (spotlight, bulb, sun, sky) and aerial effects (atmospheres, radiosity, turbulence, diffraction, halo) needed to compute the most realistic lighting models.

By simply using a heliodon and a lighted sky, you can immediately illuminate your exterior and interior scenes without having to go through the long preparation needed for multiple artificial lights. Calculation of the radiation dispersion and colored bounce immediately creates a brilliantly realistic lighting model.

Real sky simulation
The latest version of Artlantis improves all lightings conditions. With the addition of a "physical sky," the sun, moon and stars are now visible elements that cast light onto the project using global illumination. A range of magnificent clouds are also available: cirrus, cumulonimbus or stratus add an extra realistic touch to the skies.

Whether it is created by a spotlight or a point of light, a 2D view window, in constant interaction with the preview window, makes it easy to position Artlantis lighting effects. The light duplication tools are especially useful when illuminating large scenes (offices, lofts, theaters, panoramas, etc.). In addition to the immediate realism achieved by simply calculating the sky's or sun's radiosity, the level of sophistication of all of the possible multiple-source based settings gives you the luxury of more lead-ins for the most complex and varied scenes.

Automatic Light Adjustment
Thanks to its new automatic light adjustment feature, Artlantis dynamically balances the lighting levels in your scenes from dawn till sunset, and from outside to inside a building, and thus allows you to perform photo-realistic images and animations.
Neon shader
A number of special materials such as Neon shaders, adjustable transparent bodies, or colored reflectors instantly contribute to the realism of certain scenes where the lighting diffuses through real surfaces.

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