Real-time Preview in Global Illumination
Like its predecessor, Artlantis is designed based on the original concept of preview window interactivity, with user-defined settings and modifications. The new and improved rendering engine allows you to generate accurate radiosity images in real time within the 3D preview window.
The final rendering is consistent with the 3D preview window, giving you an accurate representation of the high-quality images you’ll produce from your 3D models.

The preview image is refreshed each time a change is made to the lighting, cameras or environment settings, enabling you to control all adjustments without losing time. The extremely high speed of its computing engines makes it possible to display the preview window in radiosity at all times.

Dependent Viewpoints
Each view of the project can make up a particular study integrating various representations ranging from the calendar date to a light source going out, or a change in the camera angle.

Media manipulation is easy and transparent to the user. By simply dragging and dropping, the user can incorporate Shader, Object or Image folders into catalogs where he can then choose the elements he places into the scene.

The same easy drag and drop procedure is used to apply the selected image or texture to dress an object, place a background or foreground image, add a furniture element or a person.

Operating Systems
Mac OS X users will be delighted to learn that the Artlantis interface is perfectly compliant with Apple's guidelines. And Windows users will discover that Artlantis meets the Microsoft platform standards as well.

Customizing Tool
To reduce the learning curve even faster, Artlantis allows you to instantly configure your graphic window interface by using the operating system's dedicated functions.

Navigation Tool
Compatibility with Space NavigatorTM 3D mouse allows intuitive and powerful 3D navigation.

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