Artlantis provides a superb object manager that makes it easier to expand a scene layout and make it even more realistic. Whether you are working with vegetation, people, furniture or simple, decorative knickknacks, you can maneuver all of these either in 3D or 2D, and make graphic control of these objects dependent on scene-specific factors (such as hierarchy, catch point, season). This makes scene layout easier than ever.
Artlantis characteristic simplicity also extends to handling catalog elements (shaders, objects, images).

Objects & Characters
Simply drag & drop objects into a scene. Their catch points will react based on their characteristics. This is how, for example, a floor lamp will always be vertical while a sconce will be positioned perpendicular to the wall. The texture of objects can be modified either individually or in tandem. Also, the instancing system allows significant reduction in the amount of memory used by duplicated objects.

Objects can be saved freely in Artlantis and can even contain light sources that are reproduced when they are integrated into a scene.

The latest version of Artlantis Studio allows you to easily animate the new 3D People

3D Plants & Trees
Developed in partnership with VB Visual, one of the industry's leading companies, Artlantis's 3D plants and vegetation can be used as simple objects, with a simple drag & drop into the desired place. In addition, they have an excellent feature of pre-defined behavior, such as foliage tint and density, for example, to match the season defined by the Artlantis heliodons.

Billboards are special images that the user can drag & drop from the catalog into the 3D scene as he wishes.

Additional CD-ROMs
To complement the standard library, Abvent offers CD-ROMs with theme collections designed specially for Artlantis by industry partners or independent designers. These provide a multitude of materials and textures that you can use for your synthesis images (for Macintosh and Windows).

What's new ?
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