Perspectives & Projected Views

Each projected view, clipping and perspective can be stored independently and recalled from the user-defined list at any time. Every view that is recalled in this manner will be recalculated with all of the parameters that make up its environment (geographical position, camera placement and focal distance, light sources, date and time, foreground and background, etc.) The Batch Render function can be used to calculate these views at any time, on final rendering, with a single mouse click.

Storing multiple perspective configurations enables the user to completely analyze lighting variants, seasonal variations or environment configurations. Long-distance or close-up interior or exterior visualizations will be emphasized by choosing suitable lighting, masks or by adding images, hues, colorations or atmospheric effects, etc.
Projected View and Clipping
hese plane projections and clips can be adjusted in the 6 directions of the bounding box and provide an extremely enlightening tool for presenting a project. These projections and clippings are as easy to use as the current perspectives.

They allow scenes to be calculated realistically in successive layers or even overlapping cutaway view.

Insertion into the site
When it comes to navigating the red tape of construction permits, there is more need to resort to image retouching software for montages that are so often complex and tedious, and too often unsatisfactory. Artlantis lets you integrate the 3D scene into a genuine photograph environment with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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