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Vectorworks Landmark

Vectorworks Landmark is the new standard in Landscape design software. Whether you do landscape architecture, landscape design, contracting, or planning, you’ll be able to design whatever you envision with Vectorworks Landmark. Its flexible tools, versatile capabilities, and intuitive interface provide you with a superior 2D and 3D design application that is second to none.


Where is it written that landscape design software has to be expensive or difficult to use? Certainly not at Vectorworks. We've designed Vectorworks Landmark with our users' input, so it is reasonable and easy, yet sophisticated. It features a short learning curve, advanced 2D and 3D site design capabilities, automatic schedules and reports, a vast plant database, a suite of building tools, free landscape and site symbol libraries, AutoCAD® compatibility and support for GIS files. It is a comprehensive package that lets you document and present your designs with efficiency and elegance. We put that in writing.

Works the Way You Think

Vectorworks Landmark is intuitive. The program was created to mirror the way landscape designers work, so you don't need to focus on the logistics of doing the work. You're free to focus on the work itself.

Flexible to Fit Your Workflow

Work on any size project or in 2D or 3D. Design whatever you can dream up. With Vectorworks Landmark you're not limited by the software. The possibilities are wide open.

Comprehensive to Cover Your Needs

Use one program for everything. From conception to completion, Vectorworks Landmark features state-of-the-art technology with a comprehensive set of design tools to support your entire practice.

  • Streamlined Site Documenting
  • Easy Sketches and Presentations
  • Detailed 2D Construction Drawings
  • Thousands of Free Drag and Drop Resources
  • Automatic Reports and Lists

Superior in Presentations

Define your signature look with advanced, high-end graphics design technology in both 2D and 3D and large libraries of entourage. Your style is not limited by "cookie-cutter" looks.

  • Unique Hard/Soft Rendering Styles
  • Accurate Mapping and GIS
  • Automatic Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM)
  • Bountiful Plant Images

Plays Well with Others

Vectorworks Landmark can work fluidly with your colleagues' or your other programs, so there's nothing lost in the translation.

Customer Focused for Your Success

Your relationship with us doesn't end when you download the software. We provide many channels for you to get the information, training, tech support, and networking you need.

Cost-Effective for Your Practice

You won't find another professional design program that packs so much into such a small price. In one package, you get state-of-the-art tools and technology and the ability to work from conception to completion.

Join Us

We listen to our customers and use their feedback to create a product that continually exceeds expectations, delivering superior design flexibility and world-class graphics. Join the more than 400,000 professional designers worldwide who use Vectorworks every day.

New In 2014

  • Fast Interactive Display
    Fast Interactive Display

    With version 2014, navigation in all 3D views looks amazing with OpenGL, and you get real-world 3D feedback in all-solid rendered modes. The cache generated in OpenGL also improves navigation in other render modes. Plus, with our integrated rendering application, Renderworks®, you will enjoy interactive light aiming and faster OpenGL shadows by default. Now you can enjoy the rendered look of your model without sacrificing performance and speed.

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  • Enhanced Walkthrough Tool

    Walkthroughs in OpenGL are smoother than ever; you can set the height of the viewer, and the tool modes are streamlined.

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  • Taper Face Tool

    With this new tool, you can taper the faces of 3D objects in a single step.

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  • Twist Tool

    Use this amazing new tool to twist entire solids, solid faces, or NURBS surfaces to a specified angle.

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  • Interface Improvements

    Among other changes, you can now add a new class or layer to your document directly from certain drawing operations.

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  • Rotated Plan and 3D Views

    A new option now exists in 3D views, so you can easily switch between 3D and rotated Top/Plan views. This enhancement makes navigation faster and easier.

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  • Option to Flatten Design Layer Section Viewports

    This new option displays a flattened view of a section viewport on a design layer, similar to a section viewport on a sheet layer. This provides a snappable background for creating section drawings or details.

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  • Create Section Viewports from Clip Cube

    You now have the ability to immediately create either design layer or sheet layer section viewports directly from the interactive Clip Cube. You can not only create these viewports, but also edit them using the Clip Cube. This enhancement allows for a more hands-on, visual approach to creating specific sections from your model.

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  • Roof Improvements

    The Clip Surface command and the Clip tool now add holes directly to roof faces and roof objects. Additionally, you now have individual settings for each roof edge, giving you greater customization of gable configurations.

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  • Space Improvements

    This feature is a huge time-saver in larger projects when needing to quickly copy and paste space label properties or create new spaces with the desired default properties.

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  • Shaped Windows

    We've expanded our options to include a wide variety of window shapes. New shape options and parametric controls are available directly from the window settings.

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  • Auto Hybrid Enhancements

    An auto hybrid object can create a hidden line representation of the object above or below the cut plane in plan view. New options have been added to the auto hybrid object to control the smoothing angle, intersection lines, and dash styles, resulting in better-drawn objects and overall improved performance.

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  • Keynote Improvements

    You now have control over the automatic renumbering of the keynote legends. New options keep placeholders in the legend when keynotes are deleted, preventing undesirable renumbering. The placeholders can easily be removed if needed.

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  • Annotations

    A few key changes have been made to Elevation Benchmarks, among a few other annotation tools.

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  • Third Stringer for Stairs

    Wide stairs may require a middle support under the risers. With this new capability, you can configure your stair objects with a third stringer.

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  • Viewport Marker Settings

    This feature lets you select your default section marker properties before you create the section viewport, removing an extra step in the process.

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  • Shaped Windows

    We've expanded our options to include a wide variety of window shapes. New shape options and parametric controls are available directly from the window settings.

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  • Vision Panels for Doors

    You now have control over top panels and vision panels for doors. If you need to create customized doors or replicate commercial-grade door configurations, you’ll love this feature.

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  • Worksheet Improvements

    A new print and PDF export option automatically calculates worksheets prior to printing and exporting (PDF export requires Design Series).

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  • Publish Command

    A new Publish command gives you tremendous flexibility in customizing and saving drawing sets for when you need to issue them. With this new command, you can select specific views and sheets from files along with PDF, DXF/DWG, and DWF files, and save them as a named set for export or printing (Design Series required for batch printing and PDF export). Managing your publishing settings has never been so easy.

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  • DWG Improvements

    You can now directly reference DWG/DXF or DWF files in your Vectorworks project, making collaboration and team workflows that much simpler. The Export DXF/DWG and Export DWF commands now support complex and custom line types when exporting from Vectorworks, resulting in a cleaner and more accurate experience for your collaborator. DXF/DWG and DWF Support for Named Colors enables the color names to match in Vectorworks and AutoCAD® software. Save DXF/DWG and DWF Preferences in the Import Log File provides a record of your DXF/DWG and DWF import settings to assist you in achieving consistent results with respect to your DXF/DWG and DWF imports.

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  • IFC Worksheet Functions

    IFC data is now an integral part of Vectorworks' database worksheets, allowing users to search for, and report on, Vectorworks BIM objects with IFC data already assigned.

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  • IFC Zones

    Vectorworks 2014 has enhanced support for IFC zones with a new command.

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  • ifcXML Support

    With ifcXML support, Vectorworks 2014 users are able to exchange BIM data with even more applications and workflows in the building industry.

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  • Displacement Mapping

    Current Renderworks users have never before seen rendering quality like what they’ll get in version 2014. The new displacement mapping option gives you the ability to make even more realistic renderings with materials like grass, carpet, water, bricks, or stone.

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  • Images for Brick Shaders

    Many great new images of bricks come with Renderworks and are ready to use and edit for texturing your designs. In addition, they are also new shaders, which enable you to control multiple images representing multiple bricks, along with having granular control over the gaps/grout between bricks or tiles.

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  • Crop Support for Bitmap Objects

    For presentation layouts, this feature sells itself. You won't have to import an image into Vectorworks only to realize that parts of it need some trimming and masking. Instead, just use the Edit Crop command, and you're done.

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  • Enhanced Drafting Tools

    With the 2014 version of Vectorworks software, we’ve introduced several feature enhancements that will greatly improve your efficiency by simplifying interfaces, exposing more options in context menus, providing improved dimensioning support for all objects, and delivering other requested improvements that add speed to your workflows.

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  • Preview for Mirror Tool

    The Mirror tool now displays a preview of the mirrored item, for easy and quick placement.

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  • Polygonal Control

    The new Simplify Polys command will enable you to simplify polylines, and 2D or 3D polygons in the Vectorworks application. This command can be incredibly useful after importing complex site data, simplifying imported DWG files, or dealing with any polys with too many corner vertices. Many incredible projects start with basic shapes and evolve into more intricate and interesting forms. The Reshape tool has been enhanced with a new mode that allows you to move an object’s edge without changing the adjacent angles. Plus you can now reshape rectangles.

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  • Vectorworks Scripting with Python 3

    This new feature is setting the foundation for future generations of innovative Python scripters. With Python scripting, developers can create document scripts, as well as external plug-in parametric objects, tools, and commands. You’ll appreciate this organized and redesigned plug-in manager that offers consistency in managing Vectorworks-based scripts and plug-ins.

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  • Font Preview

    The Format Text and Create Text Style dialog boxes now preview the selected font, letting you explore different possibilities for text. Now you can save directly as a text style from the Format Text dialog box.

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  • Select Similar Objects by Plane

    The Select Similar tool has been improved to provide new benefits when working in 3D. Now you can easily select items on the same plane.

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  • Attribute Palette Opacity

    The Select Similar tool has been improved to provide new benefits when working in 3D. Now you can easily select items on the same plane.

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  • Reshape Tool Enhancements

    Many incredible projects start with basic shapes and evolve into more intricate and interesting forms. The Reshape tool has been enhanced with a new mode that allows you to move an object’s edge without changing the adjacent angles. Plus, you can now reshape rectangles.

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  • Oval by Center Mode

    The Oval tool's new mode allows you to draw ovals by the center point, as well as with the existing modes (by box or height/width).

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  • Model Space Measurement for Sheet Layer Viewports

    Now, you can easily make use of the Tape Measure tool in your construction sheets. Measure objects in sheet layer viewports, and the tool automatically displays both the true measurement of the object and its actual scale, even though sheet layers are always at a 1:1 scale.

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  • Rotation Sensitive Height and Width Labels

    The "H" and "W" labels for the height and width of an object in the Object Info palette now rotate along with selected ovals, rectangles, and rounded rectangles, making it easier to identify the correct assignment for height and width values.

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  • Show Z for 2D/3D Symbol on Object Info Palette in Top/Plan View

    The Z height of 2D/3D symbols and hybrid plug-in objects is now visible in the Object Info palette from both 3D and 2D views. This means you no longer have to guess or switch views to know the Z height of objects when in plan view.

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  • Selected Objects Mode for Split and Trim Tools

    A new mode in the Split and Trim tools allows you to trim or split only the currently selected objects. This improves selection accuracy when using these tools in your workflow.

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  • Visibility Tool Improvements

    This new shortcut key gives you a temporary look at all layers or classes—even ones set to be invisible — without losing your current visibility settings.

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  • Lighting Device Improvements

    The lighting device object has received a serious boost with features that are sure to make you more efficient. It’s no longer necessary to try to remember label names when assigning a label legend. Instead, use the new pop-up on the lighting device. See the full height of the beam clearly at the focus point. Freely mix your own information with the built-in information using customized data records. See the simulated color of multiple gel “sandwiches.”

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  • Lighting Pipe Objects

    We teamed up with Joshua Benghiat Lighting Design from our Vectorworks Developer Network to create new lighting pipe and lighting pipe ladder objects to bring you exciting new options and facilitate the creation of lighting positions.

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  • New Instrument Summary Object

    Based on the original tool designed by Joshua Benghiat Lighting Design, enjoy the flexibility to efficiently create and format instrument and position summaries with this amazing new plug-in object.

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  • Seating Layout Improvements

    We've added a new option to the Create Event Seating command, so you can accurately lay out seating with rows aimed at a focal point. The focal point option is also available when editing a seating layout.

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  • Select Focused Lighting Devices

    Right-click on a focus point to select all the lighting devices assigned to the point.

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  • Two-fer by Dimmer and Channel

    On your dimmer per channel shows, automatically sync the dimmer and channel on your two-fered lighting devices.

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  • Plant and Massing Model Shadow Improvements

    With the enhanced plant shadows, you'll find it faster and easier to create presentation-level site plans with interactive, dynamic shadows on your plant objects. You can apply a document-wide shadow style to all plants on your drawing, while also creating custom shadow settings for individual plants, as needed. Additionally, you now have the ability to specify floor usage data in a massing model record. The floor usage data can be reported on by using a new worksheet sub-string function, giving you the ability to use massing models for early design analysis in urban planning.

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  • Plant Tool Enhancements

    The custom plant tag can now be created by selecting predefined tag field values instead of having to remember keywords for the plant record fields. You now have easy access to edit plant definitions from every pane in the Plant Settings dialog box.

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  • Site Model Improvements

    The process for accurately fitting walls to the site model is simpler and very fast with this new option.

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  • Site Modifier Improvements

    The new site model contour label position functionality gives you the freedom to position and reposition contour labels at will with the Reshape tool for legibility, annotation, and office standards. This new addition can be applied to drawing types such as site surveys, grading plans, site plans, and planting plans.

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  • Suppress Location Adjustment for Georeferenced Data

    This new option provides greater selectability and power in sharing data from a .VWX file, as well as increasing the number of layers and classes with record formats in a single .SHP file. This may benefit GIS users, planning departments, land use planners, and urban designers who are fulfilling and/or enforcing jurisdictional requirements.

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  • Export Shapefile Improvements

    The Export Shapefile command now supports the export of:

    • Objects in multiple classes
    • Objects in multiple layers
    • Additional object data such as object location, layer name, class name, color attributes, and object name

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New In 2013

  • Performance Improvements in Hidden Line Rendering
    Performance Improvements in Hidden Line Rendering

    Hidden line rendering now uses multi-threading on the Windows operating system to give you faster and more reliable results.

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  • 2D/3D Navigation Visualization
    2D/3D Navigation Visualization

    For Vectorworks 2013, we've dramatically increased the speed at which you can move around your drawing. No matter what your design discipline is, you'll love this feature. Panning and zooming improvements are applied in 2D and 3D, so you get significantly faster graphic re-draw. Plus, you'll get much quicker OpenGL and 3D wireframe previews while rotating.

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  • Surface Array
    Surface Array

    The surface array object brings tremendous 3D modeling power to your fingertips. With this new command, you can easily duplicate 2D and 3D geometry onto planar or NURBS-based surfaces, giving you the power to easily model curtain walls, complex roof systems, stadium-like structures, or any other array model you can imagine.

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  • Surface Array
    Clip Cube

    The clip cube provides additional visibility control over large, complex models, allowing you to work on isolated parts within the interactive boundaries of the clip cube.

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  • Full-screen Perspective Projection
    Full-screen Perspective Projection

    You can now work in a full-screen perspective view while modeling, with the option to turn on the cropping window when setting up views for presentations.

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  • Improved Walkthrough Tool
    Improved Walkthrough Tool

    The Vectorworks Walkthrough tool has evolved to provide an interactive experience that's more responsive and predictable when navigating inside a model.

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  • Enhanced Graphical Feedback for the Rotate Tool
    Enhanced Graphical Feedback for the Rotate Tool

    The improved Rotate tool provides enhanced graphical feedback while rotating objects. A protractor preview clearly shows the rotation center, the axis of rotation, and the rotation lever. This way, the rotation angle can be interactively applied to your selection.

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  • Auto Hybrid Object
    Auto Hybrid Object

    The new Auto Hybrid command provides an easy, yet powerful way to turn arbitrary 3D geometry into a hybrid BIM object with a custom 2D plan appearance. Its controls give you the flexibility to determine specific aspects of the plan appearance to meet the needs of your documentation while maintaining the powerful and intuitive 3D geometry editing capabilities of Vectorworks software.

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  • Create Detail Viewport
    Create Detail Viewport

    The new Create Detail Viewport command provides an extremely efficient way to automatically create cropped viewports, allowing for better navigation between detailed views and the model. This improvement gives you detailed views of plans, elevations, and sections with markers that automatically reference and coordinate to your viewports' drawing and sheet numbers.

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  • Enhanced Window and Door Capabilities
    Enhanced Window and Door Capabilities

    The door and window objects in Vectorworks 2013 have received a series of significant improvements that deliver greater flexibility in how you create, configure, view, edit, and report doors and windows in your models.

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  • Optimized Space Object
    Optimized Space Object

    We've introduced a vastly improved methodology for reading and writing customizable lists such as room finish names and occupancy organizations for space objects. In addition, multiple default text files containing room finishes, names, and occupancy organization data can be stored for use in project teams or across multiple projects. Plus, spaces and their boundaries can now be controlled by separate classes, which provide greater control over graphic visibilities and styles for documentation. Even more, the space object height can now be associated with the building model story, just like for walls and columns.

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  • Parasolid-based Roofs
    Parasolid-based Roofs

    Roof objects have been completely re-engineered and are now based on the Parasolid® modeling kernel. You benefit from significantly improved performance, and you gain reliability for all roof configurations and modifications.

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  • Enhanced IFC Usability
    Enhanced IFC Usability

    IFC data can now be attached to Vectorworks symbols, enabling you to automatically define IFC data for all existing instances of symbols in your model. Plus, you can now see a short description of assigned IFC data, and run the IFC Data command from the Object Info palette. A new IFC option to export solids operations as BREPs has been added to the Export IFC Project command. In addition, the layout and controls in the IFC Export dialog box have been improved to meet the requirements of the new IFC2x3 Certification 2.0 process. Additional IFC export options increase the flexibility of your Vectorworks software to communicate with many other IFC-compatible products.

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  • New gbXML Export
    New gbXML Export

    With direct support for gbXML, you can now easily export required information to communicate with a wide variety of energy modeling and analysis applications.

  • New DWF Import and Export Support
    New DWF Import and Export Support

    With Vectorworks 2013, you can now import and export the Autodesk DWF file format.

  • New Rhino Import/Export Support
    New Rhino Import/Export Support

    Effortlessly work with Vectorworks and Rhinoceros with the addition of import and export support for Rhinoceros 3DM files.

  • New FBX and COLLADA File Export
    New FBX and COLLADA File Export

    With Renderworks 2013, you can now easily work with additional, popular 3D applications such as Google Earth, SketchUp, 3D Studio Max, and others using the COLLADA and FBX file export.

  • Dynamic Database Table Update
    Dynamic Database Table Update

    Databases connected to Vectorworks files through ODBC now dynamically update their database table rows when adding or removing record instances of a connected record format. In addition, you can now automatically create record formats from database tables and create database tables from record formats.

  • New DXF/DWG Import and Export Capabilities
    New DXF/DWG Import and Export Capabilities

    You asked and we listened. With Vectorworks 2013, we've added several improvements and capabilities to the DXF/DWG import and export process that will dramatically improve the interoperability process.

    Now you can export Vectorworks 3D objects as 2D flattened graphics in the DWG model space.

    A new command lets you do a batch export for DWG/DXF from multiple files at the same time.

    A new option allows you to make 2D and 3D conversion resolution adjustments during DWG/DXF imports.

    A new option lets you choose true (RGB) or indexed colors on DWG/DXF exports.

    A new DWG/DXF import feature improves the speed of your imports by alerting you when complex hatches with multiple boundaries are found. This alert gives you the option to skip importing the hatch, convert hatches to lines, or proceed with the import.

  • New Arroway Texture Import
    New Arroway Texture Import

    We've added one of the highest-quality texture libraries to Renderworks version 2013. Now you have access to a default library of image-based Arroway Textures for wood veneers, concrete, wood flooring, stonework, tiles and other construction materials. An integrated menu item lets you easily import higher-resolution versions of these textures purchased directly from Arroway Textures.

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  • Non-blocking Renderworks Rendering
    Non-blocking Renderworks Rendering

    Perhaps one of the most significant time-savers is the addition of non-blocking rendering. Now you are free to continue working in your project while a scene is rendering sheet layer viewports or images from the Render Bitmap tool.

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  • Physical Sun and Sky
    Physical Sun and Sky

    The physical sun and sky backgrounds provide more natural lighting that automatically responds to a site's location, as well as the date and time of day.

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  • Custom Line Types
    Custom Line Types

    Dashed lines and custom line types are now resources that can be easily created and shared. The new feature enables you to base line types on Vectorworks objects to create a repeating pattern. Since line types are resources, you can easily edit them, share them, and set teamwork standards.

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  • Golden Rectangle
    Golden Rectangle

    A new rectangle creation constraint lets you easily create rectangles with golden ratio proportions (approximately 1:1.618).

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  • Hyperlinks

    A great addition to the Vectorworks program is a new hyperlink feature. With Vectorworks 2013, you can create hyperlinks with associated thumbnails or symbols to launch websites containing product manufacturer data, open other Vectorworks documents, open a folder, or display saved views, sheet layers, open file resources such as image files, PDFs, movie files, and more. Plus, hyperlinks are preserved when exporting to PDF.

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  • Images in Worksheet Cells
    Images in Worksheet Cells

    Easily add images from any type of Vectorworks drawing object to the cells in a Vectorworks worksheet. The image can be either a thumbnail of the object or a sample of the object's 2D attributes. There are preferences for customizing the image display, including the size, view, render mode, and margin. With this new capability, you can easily incorporate door and window elevations, rendered isometric views of any symbol, legends for plant lists, hatches, fill patterns, wall or slab types, and more.

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  • Improved Efficiency
    Improved Efficiency

    A series of improvements have been made to some commonly used tools, modes, and commands in 2013, including new plane mode options, multiple symbol editing, and the new Align/Distribute Leader Lines command.

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  • Collapsible Classes
    Collapsible Classes

    You can now choose to display classes inside the Organization dialog box and Navigation palette in hierarchical form. You'll be able to hide groups of classes you don't need to see.

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  • Sheet Layer Ordering
    Sheet Layer Ordering

    A new stacking order column has been added to the Organization dialog box and Navigation palette, so you can easily change sheet layer stacking order by drag and drop.

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  • Windows Explorer Document Plug-in
    Windows Explorer Document Plug-in

    A new stacking order column has been added to the Organization dialog box and Navigation palette, so you can easily change sheet layer stacking order by drag and drop.

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  • Lighting Device Improvements
    Lighting Device Improvements

    The lighting device object has been completely re-engineered to offer you great new capabilities and speed for new reset and regeneration times that are 10 times faster than in the 2012 version. Plus can now fully customize the lighting device parameter display with a new dialog box that allows you to add custom fields and re-order and re-name existing parameters. You can also add unlimited label legend labels to lighting devices.

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  • New Speaker Objects
    New Speaker Objects

    New speaker and speaker array objects, originally from Landru Design, let you effortlessly create speaker system layout drawings and perform basic audio coverage analyses.

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  • Lighting Device Colors
    Lighting Device Colors

    You can now automatically assign colors to your lighting devices though preferences or by class. You can also assign parts of the lighting device to different classes, giving you complete control over the look of your light plot.

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  • Lighting Device Parameters
    Lighting Device Parameters

    You can now automatically assign colors to your lighting devices though preferences or by class. You can also assign parts of the lighting device to different classes, giving you complete control over the look of your light plot.

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  • Improved Plant Object
    Improved Plant Object

    Individual plants within plant groups can be randomly scaled and rotated for a more realistic look. Plants in curved rows can now be positioned tangentially, which is particularly effective for hedges. 2D plant shadows can be optionally varied depending on the plant height. Additionally, variations of plant settings can exist for the same definition, reducing extra work.

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  • Site Model Improvements
    Site Model Improvements

    Individual plants within plant groups can be randomly scaled and rotated for a more realistic look. Plants in curved rows can now be positioned tangentially, which is particularly effective for hedges. 2D plant shadows can be optionally varied depending on the plant height. Additionally, variations of plant settings can exist for the same definition, reducing extra work.

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Create dynamic 2D and 3D designs, glide through your projects with a tightly streamlined interface, and access extensive features and resource libraries. Vectorworks Landmark offers the features you want in a comprehensive, intuitive software that will multi-task just like you do.

A vast suite of 2D precision drafting tools provide you intelligent ways to design.

  • Parametric Constraints
  • Free Hand Tool
  • Smart Cursor
  • Mirror
  • Rectangle
  • Tangents
  • Flyover
  • Split
  • Rounded Rectangle
  • Lines
  • Spiral
  • Attribute Mapping
  • Rotated Rectangle
  • Double Line
  • Eye Dropper
  • Trim
  • Circle
  • Arc
  • Attribute Mapping
  • Fillet
  • Circle by Points
  • Polyline
  • 2D Reshape
  • Chamfer
  • Oval
  • Polygon
  • Rotate
  • Offset
  • Clip
  • Move by Point
  • Chamfer tool
  • Double Polygon
  • Connect/Combine
  • Create Similar Object
  • Plan Rotate
  • Select Similar

Site Information Modeling functionality is available in flexible 2D/3D workflows.

  • Viewports
  • Two-Way Worksheets
  • Unified View
  • Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM)
  • Design Layer Reference Viewports
  • Plant Database
  • Planar Graphics
  • Zone of Visual Influence

Intelligent site planning tools enable an easy transition into designing.

  • Plant Tool
  • Landscape Area
  • Property Line
  • Stake Object
  • Hardscape Tool
  • Irrigation Tool
  • Massing Model
  • Landscape Wall
  • Site Modifiers
  • Roadways
  • Grade Calculator
  • Parking Spaces

Hybrid 2D/3D objects allow you to design with valuable information already attached.

  • Columns
  • Stairs & Handrails
  • ADA Ramps
  • Doors & Windows

A suite of powerful free-form modeling tools make it easy to design custom objects and shapes.

  • Boolean Operations
  • Nurbs Curves
  • Loft Surface
  • Extrusions
  • Extractions
  • Protrusions
  • Shells
  • Solids

Create stunning presentations with options other programs just don’t provide.

  • Gradients
  • Image fills
  • Hatches
  • Hand Sketch Styling
  • Unilock Paving Patterns
  • Xfrog Image Library
  • Unlimited Color Choices including palettes from Pantone®, Benjamin Moore®, Sherwin-Williams®, Resene®, Pittsburgh Paints®, and more.

Sharing your drawings is very simple with a broad array of import/export options.

  • PDF
  • .skp (Sketchup)
  • .kml (Google Earth)
  • .3DS
  • JPG, TIF, PSD, EPSF and more
  • QuickTime & QuickTime VR
  • .stl
  • .IGES
  • .SAT
  • Shapefile
  • Parasolid X_T

Annotate and detail your drawings using the detailing suite in Vectorworks Landmark. Options include:

  • Constrained Dimensions
  • Angular Dimensions
  • Radial Dimensions
  • Chain Dimensions
  • General Notes
  • Scale Bar
  • Redline and Revision Control
  • Section Markers
  • ID labels
  • Slope Dimensions
  • Grid Bubble Tool
  • Break Line
  • Drawing Borders and Title Blocks
  • Dimensional Constraints Manager

Extensive symbol libraries ship with Landmark so you don’t have to draw from scratch.

  • Landscape Lighting
  • Landscape Objects
  • Landscape Stipples
  • Plant Objects
  • Site Furnishings
  • Game Fields
  • Monrovia Plant Data and Images
  • Irrigation Heads
  • Irrigation Pipe
  • Parking and Roads
  • Site Planning
  • Vehicles
  • People
  • Trees and Rocks
  • Map Symbols
  • Electrical Accurate Lamps
  • Millwork
  • Flooring and Decking
  • Paving Patterns
  • Pools and Fountains

Australian Features

OzCAD produces a special version of Vectorworks Landmark called Landmark Australia, which is localised for Australian practice. It contains Australian libraries, additional tools and commands, along with high quality 2D and 3D entourage libraries for people, vehicles, trees, furniture, hatches, colour palettes, image fills and gradients. For more information, read the detailed descriptions below.

Australian Plant Database

The Australian Plant Database utility provides an comprehensive range of data on 1350 plants. This utility can be searched using complex search criteria and is designed to allow users to expand the number of entries and add information such as the projects where a particular plant has been used, or the local government areas to which the plant is indigenous. Each entry in the database is designed to fit onto an A4 page so you can easily provide clients with a series of print-outs containing detailed information about their proposed plant list.

The database is tightly integrated with Landmark and also has the ability to directly search Google Images or Wikipedia for additional plant information, which can then be easily transferred to the database.

Existing Tree Tool

This tool allows users to identify existing significant trees on their plans, then enter relevant information such as Latin and common names, height, spread, calliper, condition, SULE, significance and what action needs to be initiated.

Existing Tree Tool

Australian Colour Libraries

This command provides access to libraries of professional Colour Systems commonly used by Specifiers in Australia. Standard libraries include Dulux®, Taubmans, Porters, Murabond, Colorbond®, Laminex®, Concrete Colour Systems and Cabots®.

Coordinate Marker Tool

Allows a drawing to be setout with coordinates that refer to a user defined origin or datum. If datum changes, objects can be updated to display the new settings. Options include whether IDs are displayed (as in the example below), and whether X/Y or X/Y/Z values are shown.

Coordinate Marker Tool

Custom Dashed Line Tool

Useful for boundary lines, piping runs or electrical wiring, this tool is designed to draw straight sided polygons with edges comprising of dashed lines with a cross line or piece of text in the dash space. Once drawn, the polygon can be reshaped with the 2D Reshape tool.

Equal Dimension Tool

Replaces the numeric dimension value on a picked dimension with the text ‘EQ’.

Handrails Tool

This tool allows a much greater variety of handrail objects to be drawn as a single piece or as multiple mitred lengths at any angle. It includes a library of predefined types that include glass, wire, timber and aluminium.

Heliodon Tool

For doing shadow diagrams and sun studies. The tool makes it much faster to set the sun position, can store an unlimited number of locations and also has the ability to view the model from the sun. You can also step though the times of the day in any view and watch how a shading device or other aspect of your building performs. Solar calculations can be done using solar time as well as clock time, removing ambiguity from shadow diagrams. As well, you can produce on-screen or QuickTime® solar animations viewed from the sun, providing a much faster way to assess solar access or to evaluate shading devices.

Heliodon Tool

Entourage and Resource Libraries

  • Additional hatch libraries
  • Additional paving brick, vegetation, stonework and other materials image fills and textures
  • Additional colour palette libraries
  • Additional gradient fills
  • Extensive and new 2D and 3D libraries for people, trees, cars, furniture, etc.
  • New 3D tree and people image prop objects for rendering

Quick Building Tool

Produces simple block models that can be used for shadow diagrams, floor space calculations or any time you need one or more simple shaped buildings quickly. Buildings can have flat, hip or gabled roofs.

3D Tape Measure Tool

Quickly determine distances between points or objects in a 3D model using this new tool. Like its 2D counterpart, it provides a running total length as well as the length of the last segment drawn.

Title Block Tool & Issue Command

The VAA Title Block tool and VAA Revise Issue Print commands provide a complete and flexible system for adding title blocks to drawings, entering issue or revision notes, batch printing and creating or updating a comprehensive transmittal. These tools are designed to speed-up drawing management whilst maintaining more accurate and detailed revision and issue history for the full duration of a project.

In Vectorworks 2008, there are new options which include north points, drawing stamps and custom names for title block symbols.


AnimationWorks allows you to create complex camera or object animations entirely within Vectorworks, then save them as QuickTime movies which can be viewed by anyone who has QuickTime installed. Read more and see sample movies.

WinDoor Tool

Creates simple or complex windows and doors which are fully editable parametric objects. It allows design and documentation to happen more quickly and provides increased control over component sizes, greater flexibility with door and window designs, better line weight and class control, and the ability to do corner and bay windows with a few clicks. Supports a much greater range of door and window styles for both residential and commercial construction, including parallel sliding door systems, louvred windows, sashless glass windows, pivot doors, glass doors, glass block windows, along with all other conventional door and window types.

WinDoor also includes a custom library of standard Australian doors and windows that can be added to or edited by the user, then used to replace or modify an existing object. With the latter option, it is possible to copy one, some or all attributes from a library item, then apply these to one, some or all WinDoor objects in the drawing. Other new options also include pivot, hopper and round windows, as well as overhead doors.

All WinDoor objects can report both glazing and ventilation areas and have additional data entered such as glass and frame type, screening, egress, compliance and so on.

WinDoor Tool